Process of Code Enforcement

How a Case Begins 

Code enforcement cases can begin in a number of different ways; most commonly, a complaint is called into the Code Enforcement Department by a citizen. Complaints may remain anonymous.

General Outline of Case Progression

Case progression can vary depending upon the nature of the violation or a number of variables, however the general progression of code enforcement is as follows:

  1. A complaint is received by the department.
  2. An inspection is performed to verify that a violation exists on the property.
  3. The resident and / or property owner is then notified that a violation(s) exists and is given a reasonable period of time in which to correct the violation(s).
  4. A follow-up inspection is performed to verify that the violation(s) has been corrected.
  5. If compliance is not voluntarily achieved, a formal Notice of Violation (NOV) will be issued stating a reasonable amount of time for the violation(s) to be corrected.
  6. If the violation(s) is not corrected by this time, a formal Notice to Appear (NTA) and a case will be issued to appear before the Code Enforcement Board.
  7. The Code Enforcement Board will make a final decision on the case.
  8. If the violation(s) remain after the Board's decision, fines and/or a lien may be put on the property.

Contact Us

For further information concerning the process of code enforcement, please call the department at (850) 871-4672.