Illicit Discharge Detection & Elimination

These activities identify and eliminate any non-stormwater discharges into the storm sewer system that may contain pollutants.

Storm Sewer Mapping

The Public Works Department has developed a table of known outfalls and a reference map showing locations of the outfalls in relation to the estimated waters of the U.S.

We are currently developing a digital map of the entire public storm sewer system using geographic information system (GIS) software. This map will contain basic information about all components of the public storm sewer system.

Ordinance Prohibiting Illicit Discharges

The City of Callaway has adopted Ordinance 873 which regulates stormwater and illicit discharge. This ordinance prohibits the intentional release of pollutants into a stormwater drainage system or waterway.

The purpose of this program is to minimize the discharge of pollutants into our waterways and protect the quality of our streams, lakes, and bay.

An illicit discharge is any discharge to a storm drainage system or waterway that is not composed entirely of stormwater. Our stormwater facilities and waterways are not designed to accept or treat anything but stormwater, and non-stormwater materials, such as residential wastewater or motor oil, will damage the facilities. The Public Works Department administers the ordinance and has the authority to pursue violations. Activities such as firefighting, irrigation, and residential car washing are not considered illicit discharges.

Field Program to Detect & Address Illicit Discharges

The city has developed a program for the detection and elimination of illicit discharges. This program includes field inspection of outfalls and identification of any illicit discharges found.

Educate Public Employees

The city has developed a training program for city staff to provide information on the hazards of illegal discharges and improper waste disposal.

Educate Businesses & General Public

The public education program includes information on the hazards of illegal discharges and improper waste disposal. This information was and will be presented in newsletter articles, the stormwater flyer, on this website, and other public education and outreach efforts.

Spill Response Program

The City of Callaway Fire Department provides spill containment services. Please call (850) 871-5300 for information.

Please visit United States Environmental Protection Agency at for more information about Nonpoint Source Pollution and what you can do to help prevent it.