Solid Waste Division

Callaway Solid Waste Guidelines (Weekly Pickup)

The City shall be responsible for collecting only such items of TRASH, BULK WASTE, and YARD WASTE which are incapable of being placed in a 96-gallon container. If it can fit in your garbage can, it is ineligible for pick-up by the City.

TRASH:  This service consists of bulk waste, yard waste, non-putrescible solid waste and metal. Construction debris is NOT eligible for pick-up.

BULK WASTE:  This service consists of all appliances (with all CFC removed), furniture, couches, mattresses bicycles (tires removed), televisions, swing sets, and other similar items and materials other than Construction Debris.

YARD WASTE:  This service consists of vegetative matter resulting from landscaping maintenance or minor land clearing operations. Yard waste shall also include tree limbs or tree trunks that are no greater than six (6) feet in length or eight (8) inches in diameter.

  • Leaves do not need to be bagged but if you bag them, do NOT tie the bag.
  • Ensure yard waste is free of other debris and placed in a separate pile.
  • Debris shall NOT be placed in drainage ditches or near any drainage structures to prevent items from entering the city’s stormwater system.
  • Ensure that no debris is placed directly against fences, mailboxes, vehicles or on water meters, irrigation lines, under utility lines or low limbs.


  • Trash shall not be placed by the street for collection until the day before the designated collection day.
  • Trash and yard waste must be in separate piles.
  • Any trash to be collected shall be neatly stacked along the street or authorized alley right-of-way abutting your property for collection.
  • All furniture items and miscellaneous trash may be mixed; all metal should be separated.
  • Appliances should be in a separate pile, doors and Freon removed. Appliances will NOT be picked up if doors are attached.
  • Residents shall place garbage containers by the street for collection after 12:00 P.M. the day before the designated collection day and shall be removed within 24 hours after collection.
  • Garbage must be placed securely in metal or hard plastic cans with a lid or top. Garbage shall not be visible, protruding, leaking, seeping, or otherwise loose. Garbage containers shall be stored not facing a public road.

DEBRIS AMOUNT:  The maximum quantity of all trash to be collected by the city per week at any one collection point shall be a volume of 3.5 cubic yards (6 ft. x 4 ft. x 4 ft.) so long as said volume of trash does not exceed 1,000 pounds in weight.

FEE FOR EXCESS TRASH:  Trash exceeding the maximum allowed quantity will be subject to additional fees. If any person desires the City to remove a quantity of trash exceeding the maximum quantity, they may request, in writing, such service. You will be notified if your trash exceeds the maximum allowed volume with a door hanger. Excess bulk fees shall be paid before pick-up or an Excess Bulk Item Authorization Form may be signed for fees to be added to the next utility bill. Failure to remove excessive trash will result in code enforcement action.

HOUSEHOLD GARBAGE:  NOTE: The City of Callaway does NOT provide household garbage collection service.

EXCLUDED WASTE:  The following excluded waste will not be collected and includes, but is not limited to the following:  Fuel tanks, commercial & industrial refuse, tires, construction debris such as asphalt, concrete, soil, gravel, rock, sheetrock, steel, glass, brick, pipe, lumber, shingles, carpet, insulation, fencing, hazardous materials, used oil, lead-acid batteries, biohazardous and institutional waste, large dead animals, offal waste or stable matter.

Additional Information:

Please direct all inquiries or to obtain an authorization form for excess bulk fees to the Callaway Public Works Department, 324 S. Berthe Ave. between the hours  of 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM Monday through Friday. Phone: (850) 871-1033.