Community Redevelopment Agency

The Callaway City Commission adopted Ordinance 829 (PDF), officially creating the Callaway Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) and appointed the Board of Commissioners to govern the agency.

The CRA adopted a Redevelopment Plan (PDF), via Resolution No. 07-13 (PDF), which sets out goals and objectives for implementation of the plan, which in turn, is aimed at leading to the revitalization of the area. In developing their plan, the CRA outlined major strategies, projects, and programs that it wishes to implement. Some of the key strategies which the agency identified include:

  • Additional affordable housing
  • Additional parks, recreation, and open space
  • Conservation of existing homes
  • Creation and implementation of design standards and guidelines
  • Infrastructure improvement

  • Land use / zoning amendments
  • Mixed use zones
  • Retail recruitment
  • Right of way beautification
  • Roadway improvements
  • Sidewalk installations