Improving Municipal Operations

These five planned activities prevent stormwater pollution associated with municipal activities:

Drainage Operations

The city maintains and repairs the public storm drainage system. Operations include inspection of the storm sewer system, catch basin cleaning, making necessary repairs to the system, and removing logjams from city streams.

Street Sweeping Program

This program involves cleaning of all curbed streets within the city (approximately 70+ curb miles) and four publicly-owned parking lots. The frequency of cleaning varies from once a week on major thoroughfares in the city to monthly in lower-use residential streets.

Solid Waste Pick-up

The city provides weekly curbside non-household trash pickup.

Fleet Maintenance Program

This program minimizes the potential for any stormwater pollution. Preventative measures used include the following:

  • All city fleet maintenance operations are conducted within the main garage at the Public Works facility. This area is completely enclosed, features numerous spill control measures, and is inspected regularly.
  • All waste oil generated through fleet maintenance operations is recycled.
  • The city uses only above-ground fuel storage tanks which are equipped with leak detection.


The city provides training for employees in activities that could impact stormwater quality. The training is focused on minimizing the potential for stormwater pollution from parks, fleet maintenance, street maintenance, and storm / sewer maintenance. These training sessions are conducted annually.