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Mobile Homes
Mobile Home on a Single Lot
If you are planning to place a mobile home on a single lot of record, please complete and submit an Individual Lot Development Order Application to the Planning Department along with three sets of plans, including site plans. Please make sure that the application is filled out correctly and notarized where necessary. The Planning Department can be reached at:
6603 E. Hwy. 22
Callaway, FL 32404

Zoning District Requirements
The application for a mobile home going on a single lot must conform to the applicable zoning district requirements. This means that it must meet all setback, height, impervious surface, and floor area requirements.

In addition, the mobile home must be located in a zoning district which permits them. These zoning districts generally contain an "M" in the acronym for the zoning district. You may refer to the city's Zoning Map to locate these properties.

Note: Impact fees, including water / sewer and transportation fees, may apply.

Mobile Home in an Existing Mobile Home Park
Although the City of Callaway does not allow the development of new mobile home parks, existing parks may continue to operate pursuant to the city's Land Development Regulations.

These existing parks are allowed a maximum number of units or space for mobile homes. To move a mobile home into an existing mobile home park, please complete a Moving into an Existing Park Development Order Application, and submit it to the Building Services Department. You may contact the Building Department at (850) 874-9347. You may also contact the Planning Department with questions on whether or not a property is considered a mobile home park at (850) 871-4672.

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If you have any additional questions, please contact the Planning Department at (850) 871-4672.