Identifying Your Business
If you are changing the dimensions of your sign or replacing an existing sign with a new sign or new type of sign (e.g., from regular to LED), you will need to submit a Sign Permit Application (PDF) to the Planning Department.

Promotional Signs
Banners are typically prohibited signs in Callaway, but are permitted at the opening of a new business or for promotional events - provided that they are removed after 14 days.

Temporary Signs
Temporary signs - which are designed, constructed, and intended to be used on a short-term basis not exceeding 12 months (unless an extension has been approved by the Planning Department) - are allowed in the city without a permit. Temporary signs, however, must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Signs indicating that a property is for sale or rent in a residentially-zoned area may not exceed 6 square feet, or 32 square feet in a commercially-zoned area.
  • Signs in conjunction with a construction / land development project may not exceed 32 square feet. These signs may include information such as maps, diagrams, and other project information.
  • Temporary window signs conforming to the provisions of the City's Sign Ordinance (PDF) are also allowed.

Contact Us
For further information on business sign regulations, contact the Planning Department at (850) 871-4672.